Moving with Children

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Moving has become a common feature of life. Statistics indicate that one out of five families moves every year. Many of these families are "old hands" at relocating; others will be moving this year for the first and perhaps only time.

But whether a family is a veteran or a rookie in the moving process, one aspect of moving that is frequently overlooked or left to chance is the effect relocation will have on children. Many factors contribute to how a child reacts to a move. Here is a brief look into some of them.

Reasons why we move

If you as parents view the change as the fulfillment of some hope or ambition, the feeling you transmit to those around you will be a happy one. You will meet the inconvenience of relocating with an optimistic outlook.

On the other hand, if the move is associated with disappointment or grief, you and your children will be troubled, and the children may be unintentionally left to fend for themselves in a situation they probably do not understand.

Regardless of the motivation for your move, attention to children's feelings is very important. Which leads to the second factor:

Talk to your kids
Age Differences